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need book recommendations.....
show user profile  STRAT
hi guys. just getting into my digi photography.

looking for any book recommendations. a smallish handbook for the ABSOLUTE beginner and novice.
there are so many books out there im just looking for a decent easy to understand handbook. something that'll explain how to use shutter speeds and f-stops and iso all in conjunctions together in all situations.



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1/10/2017 10:15:25 AM (last edit: 1/10/2017 10:15:25 AM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
The photography monthly magazines quite regularly have supplementary handbooks and guides aimed at covering all the basics. You'd be surprised how well your knowledge and usage of Vray cameras translates over to photography, as it's all the same principles - how much light to let in via aperture, shutter-speed and iso, how much motion blur or lack of you want, and how much dof blur you want..

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1/10/2017 10:19:59 AM (last edit: 1/10/2017 10:19:59 AM)
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