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Demoreel 2017
show user profile  Undersky
I hardly post here anymore, but lurks from time to time. Thought I'd post my new demoreel at least. I'm also looking for a job, preferably in the US or Canada, so if anyone knows of any (help with relocation preferred)

Clicky YouTube

It's a mix of 3ds Max, Maya and a tiny bit of Cinema4D, rendered with V-Ray and Redshift.
Demo reel, 2010
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3/16/2017 1:21:30 PM (last edit: 3/16/2017 1:24:19 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Holy crap, dude!
You're leaving E-tuna?

Awesome reel, though!
I'm sure you won't have troubles finding work.
But why do you wanna set foot in trumpland? :O

Visit my Portfolio

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3/16/2017 1:33:03 PM (last edit: 3/16/2017 1:33:03 PM)
show user profile  mike_renouf
I'm no pro, but I thought that demo reel was really really good!

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3/16/2017 1:38:20 PM (last edit: 3/16/2017 1:38:20 PM)
show user profile  Undersky
@Manny: Well, there aren't any 3D jobs in Etuna =) I've also applied to a couple of places in Stockholm, but since it's impossible to find some place to live there I would have to commute. And I've spent the last 6 years commuting by train, and you know how on time SJ is =) So I thought I could aswell move abroad. And I kind of fell in love with California while visiting, so I would love to live there. Or Canada =)

@mike_renouf: Thanks, man!
Demo reel, 2010
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3/16/2017 2:54:03 PM (last edit: 3/16/2017 2:54:03 PM)
show user profile  kiko
Hi Theodor,

I've been living in Canada for the last year now, specifically in Montreal. I've ony had my work permit since november but I havent found a job yet. I'm sure theres a lot of opportunity for a guy with your talent in the industry though.

There's lots of VFX studios here in Montreal, if you'd like to do a google search. The one I've worked with is called fly studio and they are a bunch of cool guys, they mostly use redshift and xsi.

If you're interested in Canada, maybe Vancouverr is a better option since there are a lot more studios than in Montreal (Montreal is pretty much a francophone province aswell).

Regarding help with relocation, unfortunately I don't think that is much of an option. These guys would have to go through a lot of paperwork with the government in order to get you here and they'd rather spend that time trying to fin someone who's already here, it's a shame since there's a lot of incompetence here but that's what it is.

Try and look into a federal program called Express Entry (CIC Canada). It's an opportunity for professionals to get a permanent residence here in Canada.

[EDIT] I forgot to mention there is a big video game industry here in Montreal, maybe you could look into it. I know Ubisoft is always looking for talent, maybe those guys are willing to go through the relocation process.


-- David --
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3/16/2017 3:51:59 PM (last edit: 3/16/2017 3:55:06 PM)
show user profile  3joez
Looks very good! Nice work.
read 427 times
3/16/2017 5:32:51 PM (last edit: 3/16/2017 5:32:51 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
When you're living it up in California, don't mind if I crash in your couch if I pay a visit, yes?

Visit my Portfolio

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3/17/2017 9:11:49 AM (last edit: 3/17/2017 9:11:49 AM)
show user profile  Undersky
kiko: Thanks a lot for the info! And yeah, I know that there is a lot of paperwork included, that's why I would like to find a place big enough with a HR department that can help with that =) But I know that it's not that common. And yeah, I'm mostly looking in Vancouver, and have applied to a couple of places.

3joez: Thanks, mate!

Manny: You're welcome any time =)
Demo reel, 2010
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3/18/2017 12:10:43 PM (last edit: 3/18/2017 12:10:43 PM)
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