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The Life of a Sea Turtle - Tutorial by mrgrotey
show user profile  markoid
Wow, you hosting these yourself? You're gonna need a crapload of bandwidth!

Looks very comprehensive and very nicely presented Mike.. which we would of course expect from you :) Thanks for sharing... BEAUTIFUL WORK!!

read 3161 times
6/20/2010 2:13:14 AM (last edit: 6/20/2010 2:13:14 AM)
show user profile  Manolo
You rock, Mr. G. freakin' good stuff.


read 3161 times
6/20/2010 2:25:22 AM (last edit: 6/20/2010 2:25:22 AM)
show user profile  spoon
if you do get problems with the bandwidth, maybe i can help out

read 3160 times
6/20/2010 2:28:11 AM (last edit: 6/20/2010 2:28:11 AM)
show user profile  Dave
Fuuuu... jesus, damn... Grotey, stuff of kings!

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 3153 times
6/20/2010 3:16:01 AM (last edit: 6/20/2010 3:16:01 AM)
show user profile  inxa
Cool. Very very cool.

You totally Rock ! man.

3D ArchVis
Photography blog
Facebook Photography page

read 3126 times
6/20/2010 8:42:03 AM (last edit: 6/20/2010 8:42:03 AM)
show user profile  MONOLITH02
This is awesome work MrG. I haven't looked at the videos yet but judging from the summary this looks brilliant.

"The only thing worse than failure is the regret at having never tried."

read 3115 times
6/20/2010 10:24:20 AM (last edit: 6/20/2010 10:24:20 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Thanks for the response guys :)

gogdr: I know I could have tried to sell it but right from the start it was always going to be a free one as there aren't too many decent (or at least comprehensive) free tuts out there. So it's a gift from me :)

graphix72: That still on going, not much changed since last update, been concentrating on trying to get this out.

What's reddit? like a place to share stuff and knowledge? thanks to whoeveer put it on there :)

markoid: yup wanted to avoid any 'wait fr 60secs to download this file annoyances that you always get with free upload sites and I believe I have unlimited bandwidth with my webspace so we'll see how it goes.

spoon: cheers mate, I'll see what happens :)

Thanks for all the responses, the tut most probably isnt the best you've ever seen and the sound is quite weak but it's free so what do you want ;)

read 3097 times
6/20/2010 12:27:44 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 12:27:44 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark

>>What's Reddit

Grotey, if you value free time, never, ever visit Reddit! It's like Digg, but slightly less corporate. "What's Digg", I hear you asking? It's a social bookmarking type place. All the cool stuff on the Internet ends up on Reddit, so you don't miss news, memes, amusing pictures, etc. I posted it on there, and it seems to be getting a good reception.

Congrats, Grotey. You are a star.

read 3090 times
6/20/2010 12:43:44 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 12:43:44 PM)
show user profile  Nanne
Wow, this is awesome Mr. G :) I will take a look at it ASAP. I'd loved to get some insight on your low-poly skills! :D

Kristoffer Helander
  :: Works ::   |  :: Resumé ::   |  :: Contact ::   |  :: CG Blog ::   |  :: Links ::     
read 3079 times
6/20/2010 2:50:51 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 2:50:51 PM)
show user profile  Duders
Fantastic stuff. I'll at least be watching this all if not following it.

read 3073 times
6/20/2010 3:12:03 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 3:12:36 PM)
show user profile  Garp
Sooo... 6 hours and 1.9 GB later, my brain is boiling. Or melting. Something hot.

Frankly, this is brilliant work. It can easily compare to any professional tutorial from lynda, CGAcademy, and even Gnomon Workshop.
There's everything: great planification, clarity and quality of the 'narrative', excellent workflow, total insight on all aspects of the project, etc.
And of course more than a few tips, tricks and how-tos. Not the cute or trivial ones, but those that really improve the work.

Monsieur Grote, hat down and mes plus sincères félicitations!

Now I have two questions:
1- where the heck is #11: texture seams?
2- what the HECK are you still doing pushing points in AutoCad?!
If by the end of the year you're not working in the CG industry, you should seriously consider giving your brain to science (for the greater good, ya know)!



read 3070 times
6/20/2010 3:14:44 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 3:14:44 PM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Oh holy crap I didnt include the last vid showing texture seams!! I recorded it and then never edited it with the rest, now I've deleted my original screen recording as I thought it was all done!


I'll have to redo it at some point.

Damn it!!!!!

read 3054 times
6/20/2010 4:39:53 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 4:39:53 PM)
show user profile  Westcoast13

My Turbosquid Area

read 3044 times
6/20/2010 4:59:31 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 4:59:31 PM)
show user profile  Garp

noob :D

read 3032 times
6/20/2010 5:43:31 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 5:44:07 PM)
show user profile  Davious
Yay it's finished, thanks so much for the time and effort on this Mr G.
Better than a portfolio I recon, the way it will spread!
Great job and many thanks!
Can you put this in the tutorials? or maybe in the grotorials so it features :)

" Difficult, yes. Impossible , no..."
read 3010 times
6/20/2010 7:33:44 PM (last edit: 6/20/2010 7:34:55 PM)
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