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MakeHuman (game engine bones) to 3ds Max with NVIDIA PhysX Clothing
show user profile  incimdata
Hey community!

I exported the simple standard MakeHuman character with GameEngine bones (fbx).
Then import to 3ds Max --> in the window opening i choosed in the "Animation" tab to use bones, not dummys.
After that i take a simple plane 50x50 polygons - converted to edit. poly (leaving a hole for the head) and put a "skin mod." on it.
To that skin mod., i added all the bones (not the game engine dummy in the middle, so i deselected it).
On top of the skin mod. i added a PhysX Clothing mod.
Inside that mod. i choosed paint brush for example of 100 cm in max distance.
------ (this object is ready now ... so far with what i am trying to do... i want to let the plane fall on his shoulders so the cloth falls all over

him, but it doesnt work...)

Next is, i click on the MakeHuman character
i also give him the "skin mod."
There i am adding all the bones (also deselect the game engine dummy on the ground).
Then i add to the character a "kinematic rig".
I can see all the colliders around the character, they are looking like many big bubbles.

Inside the PhysX toolbar, i start the simulation and here comes the problem:
The whole plane, is not falling on his shoulders... instead of falling, it "teleports" to the gamedummy between its legs on the ground and get into a

shape of something like a "paper ball".
On the ground is also the typical root bone in the middle of the game engine dummy.
So it looks like it goes around them.
This also happens if i just add the head bone, without the other bones, just for testing.
So all i tried brings me to this situation.

If i use a Cat-skeleton from 3ds Max, the plane is falling on the shoulders, just with the MakeHuman character i get this problem. So how can i make

the MakeHuman character to work?

I am using PhysX: 3D Studio Max DCC plug-in for PhysX 3-4-0 (2016 64-bit)

Thank you for your time.

Here are 2 screenshots to see the problem.
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3/2/2017 11:35:54 AM (last edit: 3/2/2017 11:35:54 AM)
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