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How do I move a bezier handle when its constrained to X or Y?
show user profile  Spear Chuck
I'm tracing a shape with the line tool. I now move the bezier handles to form to the shape. The Bezier handle is constrained so the handle can only move in Y, not in X. I forgot how to get it to go in both. click on the yellow box somehow?
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8/7/2017 12:38:04 AM (last edit: 8/7/2017 1:01:39 AM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
I changed the vertex too Bezier Corner and we're good
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8/7/2017 2:32:09 AM (last edit: 8/7/2017 11:26:22 AM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
WTH do the tangents lock and how do I get X & Y to turn yellow (workable)?
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8/7/2017 12:04:27 PM (last edit: 8/7/2017 12:04:27 PM)
show user profile  digs
read your question wrong - not sure how you've constrained the handle - if you select a vert then single click the axis you want to constrain to (single click the axis(s) on the actual move tool), it will constrain movement, but yea not sure how you've "constrained" them
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8/7/2017 9:37:27 PM (last edit: 8/7/2017 9:39:58 PM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
It's tricky but I was able to move the bezier handle in X & Y by clicking on the yellow box thing. When the X & Y lines/arows both turn yellow the bezier handle will move freely. I remember Aaron F. Ross went over it in one his tuts for Lynda a while back.

I found the tut. Ross said to click on the bracket/edge of the yellow box should you find one tangent bezier locked/constrained
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8/8/2017 1:56:07 AM (last edit: 8/8/2017 2:21:40 AM)
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